Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Mad Men Crazed

MAD MEN is back on April 13th for it's 7th and final season!  
For us at #TVS...it is a month long celebration!

After the success of our inaugural party last year, we knew we had do it again but bigger and better!  It is the show that has encouraged the world to embrace all things vintage! It has changed fashion, the way we decorate our homes, the way we look at a drink...and even the way we look at red heads!

 MAD MEN desktop wallpaper

Here is a little collage of the 2013 party...
We kicked off 2014 by assisting the Leslieville Flea to style the staff for the Gardiner Museum's Mod Mad Party for the Ron Thom and the Allied Arts exhibition. A bash inspired by the style, culture and influence of the 60s... 

"Ron Thom was one of Canada's greatest architects, with enduring testaments to his genius, such as Massey College and Trent University, still among the country's most admired buildings. But Ron Thom, like Frank Lloyd Wright and other architects of his generation, believed in creating not just a building for a client, but a whole world - from the landscaping to the interiors and the furniture to the ceramics. This exhibition explores Ron Thom's brilliant architecture in the context of his total aesthetic."

The clothes were picked at the recent Leslieville Flea from their vendors: Wildthing Vintage, Lulu & Lolie and Stylin Me Vintage.  Hair and Makeup were provided by Larissa from Blonde Moxie Makeup and Sarah from Sarah London Makeup + SPFX Artist.

Now that we've had a little practice and we're buzzing for the 60s...
we need to focus on our party!  

We think the banner says it all.... 

DRESS UP. Best dressed win gift certificates from Exile Vintage
DRINK. 6 vintage cocktails for your drinking pleasure.
DANCE. 60s tunes brought to you by DJ NICO (With It! parties and CIUT)
PLAY. We have hashed up a fun AD game with prizes from Ethel
WIN.  Prizes from Exile and Ethel
WATCH.  Watch the season premiere with US from 10pm-12am

Cadillac Lounge, 1296 Queen St W
$5 Cover, Free to Meetup Members that have paid their fees

We can't wait to see YOU there!


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