Monday, April 07, 2014

YOUR Vintage Journey...ready to try something NEW??!!

The best thing about the Toronto Vintage Society is that we have have been able to connect all forms of vintage... 

If you love the fashion...we can get you swing dancing...if you love kustom culture we can get you to enjoy a burlesque show...if you are a Toronto history buff we can get you out to watch a rockabilly band...and so on and so on...

With 4 BIG events up this week and the finale of a great exhibit...maybe we can get you to cross over into some uncharted territory and enjoying some new vintage pass times!??

"Toronto's monthly speakeasy dance party where vintage sounds meet modern beats.  Featuring DJs, live bands, visuals, burlesque and YOU! Dress to excess!"

A Dashing Dame from a past TVS best dressed contest!

 Anything goes!

Denielle Bassels killing it...

...and the crowd loving it!

"The year was 1942 and the world was at war...Life was humdrum with the men away, the rations and the uncertainty. What everyone needed was a night out to escape. To get lost in the up-tempo rhythms and sounds of the big band boogie."

 This doesn't look humdrum to me!

I got my tickets!  This will be MY first! 

...and maybe this will be me by the end of the night!?

Final Weekend!

"Spadina Museum is pleased to host an exhibit of costumes from the TV show Downton Abbey, one of the most popular and critically acclaimed period dramas ever produced. The exhibit features 20 costumes from the production, a selection of dresses and accessories from the City of Toronto collection of the same era and Downton Abbey-themed tours of the restored house."

Can you picture a better back drop for this exhibit?

The costumes are impeccable. 
They were both vintage and reproduced!

The tour of this historical house built in 1866 is my favourite part!


Here is your chance to try a little "legs with your eggs" and a "dash of sass with your hash." 

 This outfit is to die for! already know we are MAD MEN crazed...our very own MAD MEN Season Premier Party is days away and we can't wait!

We've been ogling the new season's style...

We have been practicing....

...and we can't stop MAD MEN -ing ourselves!

IF this week you could pick something NEW to try (but still Vintage LOL)...what would it be?

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