Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Your Vintage Weekend Roundup: Feb 23rd-Feb 26th


An Honest Farewell: A 4-Day city festival at Honest Ed's/ Winter Concert & Luau/ Surf vs Rockabilly/ The Big Sound/ Toronto Pin Up Academy Workshop/ Electro Swing Toronto (party of Honest Ed's Farewell)/ Silent Revue: Piccadilly/ Old Postcard Show

THURSDAY, Feb 23rd:

An Honest Farewell: A 4-day city festival at Honest Ed's
10:00am- The Aristocats-Family Movie at Brentwood Library 
6:30pm- Teresa Venerdi (1941 Sub) at Tiff Lightbox 
8:30pm- Winter Concert & Luau w/ Atomic Beliveaus at Shameful Tiki Room
10:00pm- Vintage Vinyl at Sweaty Betty's
10:00pm- Tutti Frutti Apocalypse (Garage, Rockabilly, Rock N Roll) at Swan Dive

FRIDAY, Feb 24th: 

An Honest Farewell: A 4-day city festival at Honest Ed's
10:00am- Curious Minds: Around the World in Art Deco at Bloor Hot Docs
11:00am- The Red Shoes (1948) at Tiff Lightbox 
5:30pm - The Straight Eights at Castro's Lounge
6:30pm- Pepi, Luci, Bom and Other Girls Like Mom (1980, Spanish) at Tiff Lightbox
8:00pm- Neon Dreams Presents: Barfly (1987) at The Royal Cinema
8:30pm- Fellini's Roma (1972, Sub) at Tiff Lightbox
9:00pm- Surf vs Rockabilly: Treble Men vs Cliff Divers at Cadillac Lounge
9:00pm- The Del Fi's Live at the Linsmore Tavern
10:00pm- The Big Sound (Classic Soul/ Motown Revue) at the Great Hall
10:00pm- 100% Dynamite? Reggae, Soul & Rock n Roll at The Piston
10:00pm- Saddle Up! (Vintage Country) at Owl's Club

SATURDAY, Feb 25th: 

An Honest Farewell: A 4-day city festival at Honest Ed's
11:00am- Get Your Man (Clara Bow, Silent) at Tiff Lightbox
12:00pm- Toronto Pin Up Academy Workshop 
1:00pm- The Golden Coach (1952) at Tiff Lightbox 
4:30pm - The Happy Pals! (jazz/swing) at Grossman's Tavern
8:00pm- Saturday Night Swing w/Heidi Lange Swing Band (TLH Bday) at Dovercourt9:00pm- Honest Ed's Official Farewell Party (w/several different DJ's) featuring Electro Swing & Toronto Vintage Society judging the best dressed 
9:00pm- Greasemarks & DJ Rawhide! at the Cadillac Lounge
9:00pm- Back to the 80's with The McFlys at Drums N Flats
9:30pm- 'Dont Look Back' (Bob Dylan's 1965 Tour) at Hot Docs Ted Rogers Cinema
10:00pm- Tiki Disco at Miss Thing's 
10:00pm- Juicebox-Dance Party at The Piston 
10:00pm- PANIC-80s & 90s Dance Party w/Smiths Spotlight at Nocturne


SUNDAY, Feb 26th:

An Honest Farewell: A 4-day city festival at Honest Ed's 
6:00am - Sunday Antique Market at St Lawrence Market 
10:00am- Vintage/Old Postcard Show at Japanese Canadian Culture Centre
12:00pm- Toronto Pin Up Academy Workshop 
4:15pm- Silent Revue: Piccadilly w/ Anna May Wong at Revue Cinema
4:30pm – New Orleans Connection Allstars at Grossman's Tavern   
5:00pm- Linda Carone (Vintage Jazz & Blues) at Gate 403
6:00pm- Annual ReelHeART Oscar Party: The Roaring 20's at CineCycle
8:00pm- Sunday Strips: Rebel Strips Vol 2-Girl Gang Vol 1 at Painted Lady
9:00pm - Watch This Sound (rare vintage vinyl) at Castro's Lounge
10:00pm- ALTAR: Alternative Retro Dance Party at Blyss


8:00pm-2017 Mobster Ball w/ Haunted Hamilton at the Spice Factory (Hamilton)

Thank you for Being a Friend-Golden Girls Tribute Experience at Toronto Centre for the Arts (Feb 10th-March 5th)
Mary Poppins at Lower Ossington Theatre (Feb 10th-April 2nd)
The Archaeology of the North St. Lawrence Market at Market Gallery (Nov 19th-March 18th, 2018)
Standing Tall:The Curious History of Men in Heels at Bata Shoe Museum (runs until Oct 2017)


Wednesdays, 10pm & Saturday, 12:01am: Whistle Bait (1950's Rockabilly)
Thursdays, 7pm- The Redline Rockabilly Show on CFBU 103.7 FM 
Fridays, 6pm- Rockabilly with DJ Catwoman CIUT 89.5 FM
Fridays, 7pm- Rock n Roll Riot on 97.7 The Beach (Wasaga)
Fridays, 8pm- The Rockabilly Roon on 100.3 CKMS (Kitchener)
Saturdays, 3pm- Vinyl from the Crypt (vintage vinyl) on CIUT 89.5
Sunday, 6pm- This is lounge/cocktail nation on This is Lounge  

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Friday, February 17, 2017

1920's Electro Swing Style


THE BARGAIN BASH is one event of many events during the HONEST FAREWELL weekend and salute to our city's beloved  iconic store

ELECTRO SWING CLUB TO will be THE feature dance party during the BARGAIN BASH! The have planned full tilt entertainment and if you know ELECTRO SWING you know that you will need to arrive in spectacular 1920s style!

The Toronto Vintage Society has you covered!  We will be judging the Best Dressed contest, so here is a ton of inspiration to help you dress to impress and have a "bees knees" of a good time while you are at it!

Pop by the photo booth to show us your look and have your photo taken in front of the iconic Honest Ed's marquee. Prizes for Best Dressed revelers have been generously donated by Gadabout Vintage and Kingpin's Hideaway, so make sure you show up looking like "the berries!"


The Vintage Dancer website has superb information to help you get that authentic 20s look using modern items.

 Hair Accessories are a must for the ladies.
Image Courtesy of the Vintage Dancer

Accessories: Stockings, Shoes, Jewelry:

1920s Makeup

Here is an excellent online tutorial to help you get the look just right.


The Vintage Dancer does it again, with this great overview of men's fashion from the 1920s.

The Suit:

The Vest:

The Hats:

The Shoes:


Why not try some 1920s slang to round out the evening? Add a phrase here and there and show us that you really "know your onions!"