Thursday, July 31, 2014

Pre-Opening Sneak Peek at Tatyana's new Boutique in Toronto!!!

Toronto has been buzzing for months around rumours of getting the golden-era inspired dress company behind the Bettie Page brand – Tatyana!

Vintage and retro style lovers - from swing dancers to rockabilly fans - have been dying to get their hands on the full range of clothing since they were dreamed up in 2006.  The Tatyana company has chosen Toronto to be it’s 20th location AND it’s first international store....and we couldn’t be more thrilled!

"Our newest Tatyana boutique is situated in the heart of Toronto," notes Tatyana Designs co-CEO Jan Glaser. "We continue to be gratified by the enthusiastic acceptance of Tatyana's designs by women from all walks of life. This is especially true as we have an enormous Canadian following with thousands wearing our dresses representing a disproportionate percentage of our customers. Now we have the opportunity to honor their patronage with our first Canadian outlet in an amazing location."

The Toronto Vintage Society are huge supporters of any new company that wants to join our ranks in bringing the retro inspired lifestyle to this city...and there is room for everyone!!! To find out more we reached out to the company. The lovely Hayley from the NYC Boutique and new Toronto Store Manager Martha made time to let the Toronto Vintage Society have a sneak peek at what’s in store, located at 322 Queen St W.

The first thing we found out is that the SOFT OPENING event will be THIS SATURDAY starting at 2pm!  The FIRST 10 people through the door will receive a goody bag, there will be bubbly drinks and tasty treats...more importantly there will a 20% discount to anyone who mentions "TORONTO VINTAGE LOVES TATYANA" 

Despite busily setting up for their opening weekend soft opening, they still managed to take the time to answer some questions for us!

What is the company history of Tatyana? 
Tatyana Designs is named after the founder and lead designer (Tatyana Khomyakova) who began designing retro inspired dresses when she founded her first clothing line, Bettie Page Clothing, in 2006. Born in northern Russia, Tatyana loved the arts and fashion from her earliest memories. After excelling at the University of Culture with degrees in theater and fashion, she began her modeling, Tatyana, after becoming a high fashion couture model, studied fashion design in France and London which led to her expertise in unique women's vintage style design. Dismissing the “frivolous trends of the moment,” the high fashion model decided to bring into being a line that reflects the beauty and mystery of women without being vulgar or “Trendy.” Bettie Page Clothing was born.
In 2006, we opened our first boutique at Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino on the strip in Las Vegas, NV. Soon thereafter, we opened Hollywood, Forum Shops in Las Vegas, San Francisco, San Diego, Boston, New York, Nashville and more so that we now have twenty Boutiques.
In 2014, Tatyana emerged from the Bettie Page Clothing line to unveil her new company: Tatyana. The future of the line is as varied as women themselves. The nature of the dresses appeal to all demographics. Young people like the dresses because they are unusual and a “little crazy” so they can stand out in a crowd. Middle aged clients enjoy the elegance and “mystery” the dresses convey. Moreover, the older generation appreciates the nostalgia which reminds them of their youth. Everything from fabric content and design to the silhouettes themselves undergo constant change and evolution to meet the demands of clients.
Tatyana has found her place in the fashion world, which is fortunate not only for her, but for women everywhere.

I feel you two are the main players in making this store come to life...tell us about yourselves! 

Martha (Boutique Manager TO) and Hayley (Boutique Manger NY)

Hayley- Well I am just here in Toronto helping Miss Martha out, I actually live in Brooklyn and manage our Manhattan store at 303 Bowery. (Come say hi if you are ever in town!) I started with the company about four years ago when I opened our San Francisco location on Haight Street.  It was a fantastic time to join the team, because the company was really taking off.  We started opening boutiques all over the country, and I was fortunate enough to be involved in opening quite a few of them.  When the decision to open in New York City was made, I had to jump on it.  Obviously. I am a die hard vintage fan, and even more so just a fashion enthusiast. I love all things beautiful and retro. 
Martha- I am from Prince Edward Island and new to Toronto!  Simply pleased and tickled to be the store manager for Tatyana Boutique first International location.  I have a background in retail & customer service that has allowed me to collect passport stamps from also being a retail buyer.  I feel like fashion is in my blood since my 'Granny' wore dresses everyday and taught me you can never be over dressed!.

Why did the Tatyana company decide to open it's next store on Toronto? 
H-Martha, how many people did you say live here?  Toronto is fabulous city and full of energy.  Where else would we want to open our first international store? 
M- 2.5 Million! 

The line has vintage/retro inspired feel...are your clients only vintage / rockabilly / swing fans? 
H- Not at all.  Of course we have tons of clients that are into the scene (and we adore you!) but we also cater to a wide a range of clients, we literally have something for everyone.  In NYC I have a great mix of rockabilly pin up gals, professionals, and just girls into fashion.  Our clients are women from all backgrounds that just want to feel beautiful in what they wear.
M- I am just learning about all the vintage styles. I have more of a classic or lady-like look so I appreciate the cut and style that Tatyana Boutique offers to suit a real women's body.  I plan to mix in circle skirts and get a few make-up lessons so that I fit right in here.  

Tell us about the most iconic Tatyana dress and how it was inspired and designed. 
H- That is a tough one!  I would have to say the Brigit, the Alika and the Captain are our most iconic dresses.  All three of these have been in to many magazines and tv shows to name. My personal favorite at the moment though is the Shirlee Tegee! We had a "bring it back contest" last year where clients sent in photos of their mothers and grandmothers in beautiful garments.  One of the winners was this little number, a dress that the first Miss USA wore in 1947.  I am obsessed with the fabric, cut, and the print was so ahead of its time! Oh, and it has pockets!!
M- I have my eye on a few!  I think that Annie's Garden with a bow belt is the new one I will purchase!

I bought the dress from Hayley while in NY this past spring and wore it to the 

What do you hope to happen for Tatyana in Toronto specifically?  Do you see it as a simple walk-in Queen St W business or do you seeing it having an impact on the community?
H- If this city falls in love with Tatyana the way we have fallen in love with you, we hope to make this Boutique a destination shopping location.  Yes, tourists will shop with us... but we really want to get involved.  The city has so much to offer and we are thrilled to be apart of it. 
M- Toronto has been patiently waiting for these dresses with the correct mixture of bright, fun, and flirty...we are all going to look like ladies! 

What else will Tatyana have to offer in Toronto other than great clothes and accessories?
H- Exceptional customer service.  We pride ourselves in taking client satisfaction to the next level.  Our prices may not be that of a high end designer store, but our mentality is. Oh, and we are also having a fabulous party mid September! Have you heard of Tempest Storm?  We have something killer in the works...stay tuned!

One that note, we will be helping out Hayley and Martha to make their Grand Opening happen in true Toronto Vintage style!  A little bit of everything should do the trick! You DO truly want to stay tuned!Description:

Here are some fun sneak peek pictures of what to expect from Tayana's Toronto Boutique:

Lines ups...inside and out!

Some studio lighting...perhaps for some in-store pin-up shoots??!!  
The "Archie" Dress in Diamond Blue

Martha with the "Sweet Berries" dress

Stairs to the upper levels which may include "community space"!

Colour...and lots of of it! 

Steaming the "Captain's Circle" in Navy

Hayley looking glamorous no matter the task in the "Ping Pong" dress!

Nautical Playsuit!

Trying to be artistic...
and trying convince myself that stealing lamps is NOT a good idea!

Vintage lamps picked up at Courage my Love in Kensington Market!

I just HAD TO try a dress...or two...or three! "Annie's Garden" is my new fave!

Almost ready to go!


SATURDAY, AUGUST 2nd at 2pm, 
322 Queen St W

- Goody Bag for the first 10 people through the door
- bubbly drinks and tasty treats for everyone
- 20% off if you remember to tell them that.... 

Stay tuned for news about their Grand Opening Event in September!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Your VINTAGE WEEKEND Roundup! July 24 - 27th!

It's going to be a BIG here is your early VINTAGE WEEKEND Roundup! 

  THURSDAY:     7pm – Toronto Lindy Hop does Beaches Jazz “StreetFest” starts at the Fire Hall
     7pm – Science of Rock n Roll with Dj Misty Rock n' Roll at Ontario Science Center
     7pm – Toronto Burlesque Festival: Hotel Tryst at Revival Bar
     7pm – Dancing on the Pier at Harbourfront Centre
     8pm – Hell Bent Rockers at Lucy Brock
     8pm – Live Blues and Dancing at Monarchs Pub
     10pm – Tiki Thursdays at Sweaty Betty’s
     10pm - The Swingin' Blackjacks at Grossman's Tavern

     5pm - Ronnie Hayward at Castro's Lounge
     5.3p - TO Burlesque Fest: Wanderlust at Virgin Mobile Mod Club
     6pm - Rockabilly with DJ Catwoman, 100.3FM
     7pm - Beaches International Jazz Festival: Queen at E and Woodbine Park
     8pm – The Tiki Sea at Bento Misto
     9pm - Record Party at Castro's Lounge
     9pm - Electro Swing Club Toronto: Speakeasy Stripdown at Revival Bar
    10pm – TO Burlesque Fest: Dangerous Liason at Virgin Mobile Mod Club
    10pm – Shindig! does Rock n Roll at The Piston

  SATURDAY:     1pm – Beaches Jazz Festival at Queen St E and at Woodbine Park
     3pm - Vinyl from the Crypt 89.5FM
     4pm - Alistair Christl at Mcqueen's pub
     4pm - Happy Pals at Grossman's Tavern
     4.3p – Big Rude Jake at Castro’s Lounge
     6pm – TO Burlesque Fest: Shaken and Stirred at Virgin Mobile Mod Club
     7pm – Saturday Night Swing: Denielle Bassels at Dovercourt   House
     9pm – Oldies Dance at Legends on Queensway
     10pm - Shake, Rattle and Roll at Clintons
     10pm - Shake-A-Tail at Sneaky Dee's
     10pm – Panic: Depeche Mode Spotlight at Velvet Underground
     10pm - Combo Royale and Whitebrow at The Cameron House
     10pm – TO Burlesque Fest: Glam-A-Ganza at Virgin Mobile Mod Club

     6am - Sunday Antique Market at St Lawrence Market
     10a – The Annex Flea at Honest Ed’s Parking Lot
     1pm – Beaches Jazz Festival at Queen St E and at Woodbine Park
     4pm - New Orleans Connection All Stars at Grossman's Tavern
     7pm – Christie Pits Film FestivalRear Window at Christie Pits
     7pm – Sunday Serenades at Mel Lastman Square
     8pm – The Millwinders and Imelda May at Lee's Palace
     8pm – Movies in the ParK: Footloose at Riverdale Park East
     9pm - Watch This Sound at Castro's Lounge
     9pm - Sinful Sundays at Cherry Cola's

     OUTER GTA Notables: Collingwood Elvis Festival!

     As always...please forward on any other event information!

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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Your VINTAGE WEEKEND Roundup! July 17 - 20th!

We are over the mid-week hump! 
Here is what you have to look forward to this weekend!

6pm – Hookerson-Blough Auction at @mrs huizenga
7pm – Dancing on the Pier at @Harbourfront Centre
8pm – @Hell Bent Rockers at @Lucy Brock
8pm – Live Blues and Dancing at @Monarchs Pub
9pm -1 year Anniversary at @Rosie the rebel

10a - Salvage Sale at @Metropolis Factory
5pm - @Ronnie Hayward at Castro's Lounge
6pm - Rockabilly with DJ Catwoman, 100.3FM
7.3p - @Nerd Girl Burlesque : Tassels and Tabletops at Monarch Tavern
9pm - Record Party at @Castro's Lounge

10a - Salvage Sale at @Metropolis Factory
3pm - Vinyl from the Crypt 89.5FM
4pm – @Labrynth at @The Royal Cinema
4pm - Ronnie Hayward at @Mcqueen's pub
4pm - Happy Pals at @Grossman's Tavern
4.3p – @Big Rude Jake at Castro’s Lounge
7pm – Saturday Night Swing: Patrick Tevlin Swing with Chloe Watkinson at Dovercourt House
9pm – Oldies Dance at Legends on Queensway
9pm – @Retro Road Show : Hawaiian Style at Dovercourt House
10pm - Shake, Rattle and Roll with Bangs & Blush at @Dj Misty Rock n Roll at @Clintons
10pm - Shake-A-Tail at @Sneaky Dee's
6am - @Sunday Antique Market at St Lawrence Market
10a - @Leslieville Flea at @Ashbridge Estate
10a - @Junction Flea at @Evergreen Brickworks
3pm – Cuppa Teas: High Tea and Burlesque at @Round Venue
4pm – Ronnie Hayward Trip at @The Duke
4pm - New Orleans Connection All Stars at Grossman's Tavern
7pm – @Christie Pits Film Festival : @Stand By Me at Christie Pits
7pm – Sunday Serenades at Mel Lastman Square
9pm - Watch This Sound at Castro's Lounge 
9pm - @Sinful Sundays at Cherry Cola's

SAT – 10am: 60th Anniversary (10am) and Drive In Theatre (8pm) at the Halton County Radial Railway

Don't forget that our TIKI LANI LANAI Party is fast approaching!

As always...please forward on any other event information!

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