Friday, April 11, 2014

Your VINTAGE WEEKEND Roundup! April 11-13!

11am - Downton Abbey costumes at Spadina Museum: Historic House & Gardens (LAST WEEKEND!!)
11am - The Kimonos of Ichimaru at Textile Museum of Canada
5pm   - Ronnie Hayward at Castro's Lounge
6pm   - Rockabilly with DJ Catwoman, 100.3FM
7.3p   - Sound of Music at The Randolph Theatre
8pm   - Free Class: Swing it Friday at The Toronto School of Burlesque
8pm   - Swell Broad and The Homemaker at The Storefront Theatre
8pm   - Friday Night Blues on Yonge at The Hive
9pm   - Suicide Girls:Blackheart Burlesque at The Opera House
9pm   - Record Party at Castro's Lounge
9pm   - The Swingin' Blackjacks at Grossman's Tavern
9pm   - The Fleshtones (Official) and The Royal crowns atHorseshoe Tavern
10pm - Electro Swing Club Toronto at Revival Bar

11am - Downton Abbey costumes at Spadina Museum
11am - Uber Swap at Queen E Presbyterian Church
1pm   - Spring Vintage Sale at 1053 Bloor St W
4pm   - Whisky Bath at Duffy's Tavern
4pm   - Ronnie Hayward at Mcqueen's pub
4:30p - Happy Pals at Grossman's Tavern
7pm   - Saturday Night Swing with Lily Frost and The Swinging Dukes at Dovercourt House
7.3pm - Sound of Music at The Randolph Theatre
8pm    - Swell Broad and The Homemaker at The Storefront Theatre9pm - Blazing Bombshell Burlesque at Club 120
10pm  - Shake, Rattle and Roll with Bangs & Blush at Clintons
10pm  - Shake-A-Tail at Sneaky Dee's

6am   - Sunday Antique Market at St Lawrence Market
10am - The Annex Flea at the Centre for Social Innovation
10.3   - Jane Austen Historical Breakfast and dance atMontgomery's Inn
11am - Downton Abbey costumes at Spadina Museum
11am - Rockabilly Brunch with Alistair Christl at Dominion On Queen
12:3p - Great Canadian Burlesque Brunch at The Libertine
4pm   - Swell Broad and The Homemaker at The Storefront Theatre
4pm   - New Orleans Connection All Stars at Grossman's Tavern
7pm   - The Jazz Cellar: Don Francks at Jazz Bistro
7.3p   - Sound of Music at The Randolph Theatre
9pm   - Watch This Sound at Castro's Lounge
9pm   - Sinful Sundays at Cherry Cola's

As always...please forward on any other event information!

Only a couple more days until our Mad Men Premier Viewing Party: Dress. Drink. Dance. Play. Win. Watch!


  1. *Hops on a plan - a mid-century plane, natch :) - and lands at Pearson Airport on the double!* Oh how I wish!!! This sounds like one seriously awesome lineup of weekend events, which I very much would love to attend. Curse teleportation only existing in sci-fi movies and shows!!! :)

    ♥ Jessica

    1. We'll get our team onto that project stat...the "easy transport" machine will definitely come in the form of something fabulous. I am thinking along the lines of ruby slippers...but more like magic bakelite bracelets you have to jingle!

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