Wednesday, April 30, 2014

VINTAGE SNOW BIRDS!!! Part 1 - Cabana Bay Beach Resort Orlando, FL

I think we can all agree that after this particularly wintery winter...we all deserve a break!


We had been following the progress of Universal Studio Orlando's Cabana Bay Beach Resort which opened earlier this year in in Orlando, Florida (and we Canadians love Florida!)  So I "took one for the team" (LOL) and ventured off on a last minute (much needed) vacation. I booked in time to take advantage of their opening rates and to check out just how retro they really are!

"Experience Universal Orlando ® newest and largest hotel, the retro-themed Universal’s Cabana Bay Beach Resort! This moderate and value priced property will offer guests their choice of family suites complete with kitchenettes, or standard rooms, plus a wealth of recreation. With two huge pools, a lazy river, bowling alley, and more, it’s unforgettable family fun at a great value, right in the heart of Universal Orlando’s theme parks and non-stop nightlife."

The hotel lived up to my expectations and surpassed them! I was enthralled with every detail and corner...

Everything was pretty breathtaking at night too!

Getting fed and watered was achieved with ease...

(pretty awesome weirdo burn lines!)

The amenities kept us occupied when we couldn't handle any more sun...

And then of course there is Universal's City Walk, 
Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure...

(Just so that I am VERY clear - Butterbeer is AMAZING!)

The only down side was the employees lack of vintage/retro knowledge. I believe they marvelled at their surroundings, but had know idea how amazing and vast the whole theme/history can be. Maybe once they are open a little longer they will come to understand that not everyone sporting a little vintage looks like Marilyn!

Despite the stares (I am sure they were suppressing the need to ask me for directions around the facilities!)...I thoroughly enjoyed my multiple costume changes throughout the day!
Sky and Navy Blue Flower Dress (Village Style Vintage) // Coral Red Novelty BBQ Sun Dress (Bernie Dexter/ModCloth) // Technicolor Bowling Dress (Stella Luna Vintage) // Aqua Blue and Bright Green Watercolour Floral Day Dress (Stella Luna Vintage) // Primary Floral Swim and Playsuit (69 Vintage) // Aqua Striped Bathing Suit (ModCloth) // Purple Sun Dress (Lulu & Lolie Vintage) // Navy Novelty Nautical Swing Skirt (thrifted) // Orange and Pink Hawaiian Maxi Dress (Swanky Selections Vintage) // light blue and Green Swim Dress with Matching Head Scarf (Gadabout Vintage) Enid Collins Wise Guy Purse (Etsy)

I think this resort is the perfect background for a retro weekend event - a little Beach Blanket Bingo maybe??!  

If we planned it...would you JOIN US??

Up next...Part 2 of "VINTAGE SNOW BIRDS" Liz from the blog The Vintage Inn brings us a review of Viva Las Vegas 2014 and it's Canadian presence!  


  1. This place is beautiful! I assume it is so out of place in Florida.

    1. Actually...the colours fit right in with the crazy Florida sunshine! It's also on the Universal Proerty which means it's ALL over the top! :)

  2. I'm the leader of a vintage club in North Texas called "The Casablanca" (drop by my blog "Everyone Goes to Mick's" to read about our club and parties!) Six of us are headed to this beacon on Sunday to enjoy a weeks stay! We are SO excited!

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