Monday, March 24, 2014

Toronto Vintage Society + Toronto Vintage Clothing Show!

This past weekend we participated in the Toronto Vintage Clothing Show!

We wanted a platform to speak to our vintage community, sell the cutest "Make Do and Mend Sewing Kits" and sign up new members to our Fan Page, Blog and Meetup!

We set up booth and got ready for the day...

 Liz and Larissa!

Sarah, Irene, Larissa, Liz, Shermy and Lisa

...we met our "Caption the Photo" contest winner!

Anna spent her gift certificate on this great fur stole from Treasure Chicks Vintage

...we signed up new Meetup members

Irene and new member Amanda!

...then we started live posting our finds to our Facebook 
and Twitter!

 Adeline Vintage

Primetime Vintage

...found some fabulously dressed attendees!

...and when things slowed down a little...we had a vintage dance party!

Liz and Dean!

After meeting all the amazing vendors and vintage fans, we are sure there is so 
much more work to do to connect the vintage community!

We can't wait for we can do it all AGAIN!



  1. So happy I ran into other local vintage, rockabilly pin ups! Can't wait to join in meet-ups. It was a pleasure meeting you.

  2. This is happening in the fall again? REJOICE!

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