Sunday, May 18, 2014

Tim Hortons turns 50! #Tims50th

What is more Canadian than a long line up up to get your morning/afternoon/evening fix at Tim Horton's??  Nothing.

This month Tim Horton's celebrates their 50th anniversary.  The celebrations kick off this past Thursday with a pop up display in Yonge and Dundas Square...transforming it into a scene from the 1960s (along with free cake and donuts!)

A shop replica, vintage folks, old cars! Photo courtesy of

Former Maple Leaf Tim Horton opened his first shop along side former policeman Ron Joyce in Hamilton, ON in 1964. Offering only 2 donuts - the Dutchie and the Apple Fritter and a good ol' cuppa coffee. I guess it was all we needed, because Tim and Ron quickly started setting up franchises across Southern Ontario within only a few short years.

Tim Horton and Ron Joyce

The first shop in Hamilton, ON

The first "Fresh" ad

The 60s uniform

The "Roll up the Rim to Win" campaign is the most recognizable advertising campaign in...dare I say...Canadian history?

Today the company boats over $3 billion a year and 4000 restaurants across Canada and the US!  An infographic was released to celebrate their journey of being "50 Years Fresh"...

...and the rest is (and will be) history!

Here are some Tweets from this week's celebrations:

@TimHortons: Vintage coffee break! Our first restaurant in Hamilton, ON had blue & white awnings & counter seating.

@TimHortons: We're having a groovy time in @YDSquare today to celebrate our 50th Anniversary!

@YDSquare: Dancing in the streets!

@pigeonbrand: It may look like 1964 at but the coffee & donuts are fresh and free!

@MapleLeafs: Celebrating 50th anniversary at Yonge-Dundas Square with some former .

@HARBORCTR: Happy Birthday ! Tribute to the life and career of Tim Horton coming to HARBORCENTER this fall


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