Friday, March 21, 2014

Your VINTAGE WEEKEND Roundup! March 21-23!

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11am - Downton Abbey costumes at Spadina Museum: Historic House & Gardens
5pm - Ronnie Hayward at Castro's Lounge
7.30p - Toronto Swing Dance Society: Friday Night Dance at the Lithuanian House
8pm - The Best Show Ever at Magic Oven (Keele/Dundas)
8pm - Friday Night Blues on Yonge at The Hive
9pm - Record Party at Castro's Lounge
10pm - Dumpster Rock and Roll at Disgraceland
10pm - Electro Swing Club Toronto at Revival Bar

11am - Downton Abbey costumes at Spadina Musuem
11am Artisans of the Metropolis at Metropolis Factory
4pm - Whisky Bath at Duffy's Tavern
4pm - Ronnie Hayward at Mcqueen's pub
4:30p - Happy Pals at Grossman's Tavern
7pm - Saturday Night Swing at Dovercourt House
9pm - The Oldies Dance Live at Legends on Queensway
10pm - Depeche Mode Fest at Velvet Underground
10pm - Shake, Rattle and Roll with Bangs & Blush at Clintons
10pm - Shake-A-Tail at Sneaky Dee's

6am - Sunday Antique Market at St Lawrence Market
10am - Toronto Vintage Clothing Show at Metro Convention Centre (TVS Booth - 204)
10am - Heritage Antiques Market at Cloverdale Mall
10am - PHSC Photographic Historical Society of Canada Auction at Long Branch Legion Hall
11am - Downton Abbey costumes at Spadina Museum
11am - Rockabilly Brunch with Alistair Christl at Dominion On Queen
1pm - Cuppa Tease - High Tea & Burlesque at ROUND venue
2pm - 100th Anniversary of High Park's Howard Memorial Gates at Colborne Lodge
4pm - New Orleans Connection All Stars at Grossman's Tavern
9pm - Watch This Sound at Castro's Lounge
9pm - Sinful Sundays at Cherry Cola's

Be sure to visit our booth #204 at the Toronto Vintage Clothing Show and check out our new blog/site and tell your non-Facebook friends!

As always...please forward on any other event information!

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