Thursday, March 13, 2014

What is the Toronto Vintage Society...


We live in an amazing city!  We are the Mega city that rivals and out shines other Metropolitan cities....we are crazy diverse, with culture at our fingers tips!

                                                        Dave Murray's Toronto Word Maps

What Toronto did not have a year ago was a strong vintage community.  The Meetup group was started as a means to meet like minded vintage and retro-ists.  What resulted was a movement bent on knitting together the fabric of Toronto's Vintage diversity.

                                                     Toronto Vintage Society - Meetup

TVS Meetup Events 2013 - Mad Men, Tiki Tacky and Holiday Potluck

In order to connect the city's vintage happenings with the people, we began scratching the surface to discover what Toronto had to offer. What we found was more than we expected...and far too big a task for our little Meetup! 

Facebook and Twitter became the tools we used to spread the word.  Today, we boast over 2K fans/followers and our "vintage weekend roundup" is a common go-to. 

There is absolutely no excuse to not take part in this growing movement!
Toronto's vintage scene has something for everyone...

vintage and retro revival entertainment

heritage buildings, sites and museums

vintage and antique shopping

heritage and vintage transportation

ephemera, maps, archives and film

...and more and more and more!

One year later we are still bringing it all together.  
Creating something that can grow and sustain itself. Something beyond the fad.  You don't need to BE vintage to love what is happening and be part of it! You just need to love this city and everything it came from and everywhere it's going!

Please join us!

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