Friday, September 12, 2014

Your VINTAGE WEEKEND Roundup! Sept 12-14!

Get up and get out people!

Over 50 Toronto Bars are open until 4am!

   FRIDAY, Sept 12:
       6pm - Ronnie Hayward (rockabilly/county) at Castro's Lounge
       6pm – Rockabilly with DJ Catwoman 100.3FM
       7pm – Friday Night Jazz at Ripley's Aquarium of Canada
       9pm - Record Party (50s-70s) at Castro's Lounge
       9p – Electro Swing Club Toronto: Vintage Hollywood at Revival Bar
       9:3p – Funkin it Up (60s/70s) at No One Writes to the Colonel
       10p - Mojo Workout at The Yukon

   SATURDAY, Sept 13:
       1:3p - Heritage Toronto Tour: Historic Architecture in E Weston at Lawrence Ave w and Ralph St
       3pm - Vinyl from the Crypt 89.5FM
       4pm - Happy Pals (jazz) at @Grossman's Tavern
       4.3p – Big Rude Jake (rockabilly/blues) at Castro’s Lounge
       7pm – Saturday Night Swing: Roberta Hunt and The Gents at Dovercourt House
       7pm – Belle’s Boudoir Burlesque at The Flying Beaver Pubaret
       9pm – Oldies Dance at Legends on Queensway
       9pm – Swing Night: Combo Royale at Gladstone Hotel

       10p - Shake, Rattle and Roll (50s/60s) at Clintons
       10p - Shake-A-Tail (50s/60s) at Sneaky Dee's
       10p - Chronologic at The Garrison

   SUNDAY, Sept 14:
       6am - Sunday Antique Market at St Lawrence Market
       10a - The Junction Flea at 181 Sterling Rd
       10a – Heritage Antique Show at Cloverdale Mall
       11a – Heritage Toronto Tour: Immigrations Stories (advance registration for location)
       1:3p – Heritage Toronto Tour: Bloor/Gladstone Library Neighbourhood at St Anne’s (270 Gladstone Ave)
       3pm – Wintergarten Orchestra (swing/jazz) at C'est What
       4pm - New Orleans Connection All Stars at Grossman's Tavern
       4pm – Ronnie Hayward Trio at The Duke
       7pm - Lizzie Violet's Cabaret Noir at The Central
       9pm - Watch This Sound (rare vintage vinyl) at Castro's Lounge
       9pm - Sinful Sundays at Cherry Cola's: Harlette Heaven 

       Sat, 11am: Antique, Classic and Custom car Show with the The Swingin' Blackjacks in   downtown Huntsville, Muskoka
       Sat, 7pm: Hell Bent Rockers at Stonewalls Restaurant Hamilton
       All weekend: Grand Canadian Steampunk Exposition at Fort George, Niagara-on-the-Lake (Fri 6pm, Sat 9am, Sun 9:30am)

As always...please forward on any 
other event information!


  1. Hi is there anything going on gig wise from the 7th-17th oct? bands, shows, record hops etc? many thanks! JG from England.

    1. We post about the weekend (thurs-sub) every and in on our Facebook page! This week's post should go up tonight!

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