Thursday, June 05, 2014

Your VINTAGE WEEKEND Roundup! June 5th - 8th!

It's been a beautiful week in Toronto!
The weekend is going to be even better!

     7pm - Alex Pangman and her Alleycats at Reservoir Lounge The
     8pm – Hell Bent Rockers at Lucy Brock
     8pm – Live Blues and Dancing at Monarchs Pub
     9:30p – Ollie Vee at The Dakota Tavern
     10pm – Tiki Thursday at Sweaty Betty’s

     5pm - Ronnie Hayward at Castro's Lounge
     6pm - Rockabilly with DJ Catwoman, 100.3FM
     9pm – Friday Night Blues Lesson and Dance at The Hive
     9pm - Record Party at Castro's Lounge
     9pm – Great Lakes Surf Battle at Cadillac Lounge
     9pm – Les Femmes Fatale at Baltic Avenue
     10:30p – Combo Royale at Grossmans

     3pm - Vinyl from the Crypt 89.5FM
     4pm - Ronnie Hayward at Mcqueen's pub
     4pm - Happy Pals at Grossman's Tavern
4:30p - Big Rude Jake at Castro's Lounge
     5:30p – Royal Crowns/Dundas West Fest at The Garrison
     7pm – Saturday Night Swing: Heidi Lange Swing Band at Dovercourt House
     9pm – The Swingin' Blackjacks at Dora Keogh Irish Pub
     10pm - Shake, Rattle and Roll with Bangs & Blush at Clintons
     10pm - Shake-A-Tail at Sneaky Dee's
     10:30p – With It! Dance Party 1 Year Anniversary at The Piston

     6am - Sunday Antique Market at St Lawrence Market
     10am – Parkdale Flea at Goodfellas Gallery
     11am – The Annex Flea/Annex Fest in Honest Eds Parking Lot
     11am - Rockabilly Brunch at Dominion On Queen
     12:30 – Burlesque Brunch: Rainbow Revue at The Libertine
     12:30 – Cineplex Classic Film Series: Bonnie & Clyde (1967)
     2pm - Surf Battle Tiki Pool Party at Oasis Aqualounge
     4pm - New Orleans Connection All Stars at Grossman's Tavern
     4:30p – The Wintergarten Orchestra at Dominion on Queen
     7pm – Lizzie Violet's Cabaret Noir at The Central
     9pm - Watch This Sound at Castro's Lounge
     9pm - Sinful Sundays at Cherry Cola's

As always...please forward on any other event information!

Pictures from the Pin Up Picnic COMING SOON!

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