Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The Pin Up Picnic!

A couple of weekends ago the Toronto Vintage Society hosted the Pin Up Picnic!  

A simple social gathering to celebrate the amazing whether, show off our summer vintage gear and meet new people in our vintage community

We also took the opportunity to take some pics of our team while we were wearing our Sunday best!  Thank you to Shermette for the great pics!

The Admin Team!

The Events Team!

We don't often talk about ourselves...but we do deserve a little shout out!  These are the ladies (and missing 1 gent) who help make the Toronto Vintage Society happen! Keeping up with all the vintage goodness in this city and bringing it to this Blog, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Meetup is no small task! Thanks ladies (and gent!) #TVS would be nothing without you! 

Here are are few pictures of our fellow vintage picnic-ers

...and of course you can't have a pin up picnic without asking everyone to strike their favourite pin up pose!

1 comment:

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