Tuesday, June 17, 2014

A Summer in Vintage

As summer snuck in directly behind winter here in Toronto,  we find ourselves out soaking in the weather, wearing and enjoying the vintage all around us!

There is so much going on that we have let our posts fall to the way side. Patio vs posting?  Is there any contest? 

There is just so much vintage to absorb right now....so here is a quick roundup of what has been up and what is yet 
to come for June!

Pin Up Picnic
June 1

Great Lakes Surf Battle 
June 6 and 7

Electro Swing Club TO - Vintage Cabaret 
June 13

June 21

Gatsby Garden Party at Spadina House & Museum  
June 22

June 22

June 28

 We hope to see you out there enjoying 
all this greatness with us!


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