Friday, February 17, 2017

1920's Electro Swing Style


THE BARGAIN BASH is one event of many events during the HONEST FAREWELL weekend and salute to our city's beloved  iconic store

ELECTRO SWING CLUB TO will be THE feature dance party during the BARGAIN BASH! The have planned full tilt entertainment and if you know ELECTRO SWING you know that you will need to arrive in spectacular 1920s style!

The Toronto Vintage Society has you covered!  We will be judging the Best Dressed contest, so here is a ton of inspiration to help you dress to impress and have a "bees knees" of a good time while you are at it!

Pop by the photo booth to show us your look and have your photo taken in front of the iconic Honest Ed's marquee. Prizes for Best Dressed revelers have been generously donated by Gadabout Vintage and Kingpin's Hideaway, so make sure you show up looking like "the berries!"


The Vintage Dancer website has superb information to help you get that authentic 20s look using modern items.

 Hair Accessories are a must for the ladies.
Image Courtesy of the Vintage Dancer

Accessories: Stockings, Shoes, Jewelry:

1920s Makeup

Here is an excellent online tutorial to help you get the look just right.


The Vintage Dancer does it again, with this great overview of men's fashion from the 1920s.

The Suit:

The Vest:

The Hats:

The Shoes:


Why not try some 1920s slang to round out the evening? Add a phrase here and there and show us that you really "know your onions!"


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