Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Happy Canada Day


To celebrate here is some distinctly Canadian TV in which you can immerse and lose yourself!

(in no order what-so-ever and so much more we can't possibly get to!)

Oh Canada (1979 this dang sloppy baby kissing scene!)

Log Driver's Waltz

The Forest Rangers

The Friendly Giant

Let's Sing Out

Polka Dot Door

Mr Dress Up

The New adventure of Pinnochio

Polka Dot Door

Rocket Robin Hood

Uncle Bobby Show (and Bimbo th Clown)

The Mighty Hercules

Hilarious House of Frightenstein

Fables of the Green Forest

Today's Special

Littlest Hobo

Paddle to The Sea

Just Like Mom

Harriets Magic Hats

Read All About It

Kids in The Hall (85)

Danger Bay

King of Kensington


Edison Twins

Trouble with Tracy


Hinterland Who's Who

Owl TV

Brush Your Teeth

The Racoons

Participaction (before Body Break)


My Secret Identity

Camp Cariboo

Degrassi Junior High

Fraggle Rock

Body Break


Hockey Night in Canada

City Limits

Speakers Corner (How many times did you speak your mind and then wait patiently for it to air?!)

Heritage Minutes

...and more that we couldn't get clips for!


  1. This place is so special! Speaking of special, this is how our evening went. I met my buddies in the downstairs part of the event space, which is more than just an average kind of bar with a lot of woodwork.

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