Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Your Vintage Weekend Roundup! Sept 22nd-25th


Bus Tour: Modern TO/ The BIG SOUND/ Star Trek The Classics Marathon/ Retro Roadshow/ Saturday Night Swing/ PANIC/ Atop the Davenport Hill in the 1920s

THURSDAY, Sept 22nd:

6:30pm- Great War Cookery-Historic Cooking Class at Fort York
6:30pm- Yonge Street Architecture Tour start at 20 Grosvener St. 
7:00pm- Light up the Night at Black Creek Pioneer Village
7:00pm- RE:WIND- Pop through the Decades at Revival  

FRIDAY, Sept 23rd: 

5:30pm - The Straight Eights at Castro's Lounge
9:00pm- Alex Pangman & her Alleycats (vintage swing) at Estonian House
9:00pm- Child's Play an 80s & 90s Video Dance Party at Hard Luck Bar
9:30pm- The Hard Toms Punk Tribute to Tom Jones & Kensington Hillbillys Tribute to The Clash at Linsmore Tavern
10:00pm- Retro Roadshow: Rewind Fridays at Posh Supperclub
10:00pm- The BIG SOUND at the Great Hall Toronto
10:00pm- Flashing Lights- Disco/Italo Disco at Unlovable
10:00pm- Saddle Up! Classic Country Dance Party at Owl's Club
10:00pm - DJ Blush (50s/60s/70s) at Stones Place

SATURDAY, Sept 24th: 

10:00am- Etsy: Made in Canada Toronto at MaRS Discovery District
10:00am- Bus Tour: Modern TO (1945-1970s) start at Toronto City Hall
11:00am- Bike Tour the Forts of Toronto start at Lambton House
2:00pm- Star Trek: The Original Series Marathon-Crew Picks at Tiff Lightbox 
4:30pm - The Happy Pals! (jazz/swing) at Grossman's Tavern 
7:00pm- Saturday Night Swing w/ Roberta Hunt & the Gents at Dovercourt House
7:00pm - Kona Luau at The Shore Leave
9:30pm- Zeppelinesque-Tribute to Led Zeppelin at Linsmore Tavern
10:00pm- PANIC-Ultimate Retro Party w/ Echo & the Bunnymen at Remix Lounge
10:00pm - DJ Blush (50s/60s/70s) at Stones Place
10:00pm - Shake Rattle and Roll at Clintons   
11:00pm- Electric Circus-80s/90s House Music at Garrison

 SUNDAY, Sept 25th:  

6:00am - Sunday Antique Market at St Lawrence Marke
1:30pm- Atop the Davenport Hill in the 1920s start at Spadina Museum
2:00pm- Star Trek: The Original Series Marathon-Crew Picks at Tiff Lightbox  
4:00pm – New Orleans Connection Allstars at Grossman's Tavern  
9:00pm - Sinful Sundays at Cherry Cola's (Burlesque): Bad Girls Club
9:00pm - Watch This Sound (rare vintage vinyl) at Castro's Lounge

Beatles 50 TO at The Market Gallery (June 18-November 2)
Standing Tall:The Curious History of Men in Heels at Bata Shoe Museum (runs until Oct 2017)
Lucille: Fashion. Titanic. Scandal at Guelp Museum (runs until Nov 13th)


Wednesdays, 10pm and Saturdays, 12:01am - Whistle Bait (1950s rockabilly)
Thursdays, 7pm – The Redline Rockabilly Show on CFBU 103.7 FM
Fridays, 6pm – Rockabilly with DJ Catwoman CIUT 89.5 FM
Fridays, 7pm – Rock n Roll Riot on 97.7 The Beach (Wasaga)
Fridays, 8pm – The Rockabilly Room on 100.3 CKMS (Kitchener)
Saturdays, 3pm - Vinyl from the Crypt (vintage/vinyl) on CIUT 89.5

Sunday, 6pm - This is Lounge/ Cocktail Nation on


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