Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Your VINTAGE LONG WEEKEND Roundup! Sept 3rd-6th!

Summer ain't over yet!

HIGHLIGHTS: JD McPherson / Nitty Gritty Motown Party / Bees Knees Speakeasy / SoulSkank / Oh Nina / Combo Royale Special Edition / WITH IT au Go Go / Parkdale Flea / Imperial Swing and Blues

THURSDAY, Sept 3rd:

12p - Rockin the Waterfront at Pier 4 Park (Hamilton)
6pm - Jazz Night: at Cafe Belong (Evergreen Brickworks)
8pm – Live Blues and Dancing  The Gary Kendall Band at Monarchs Pub
8.3p - JD McPherson at Horseshoe Tavern
10p - DJ Vivs (45s/vintage vinyl) at Sweaty Bettys

FRIDAY, Sept 4th:
5pm - The Straight Eights at Castros Lounge
6pm – Rockabilly with DJ Catwoman CIUT 89.5 FM
9pm – Record Party with DJ I Hate You Rob (60s/70s) at Castro's Lounge

9pm - Oh Nina (Simone): A Tribute at HolyOak
9pm - Nitty Gritty (motown dance party) at The Steady
10p - SoulSkank: Dancin' in September at Handlebar
10.3p - Combo Royale: Special Edition at Grossmans Tavern

SATURDAY, Sept 5th:
3pm - Vinyl from the Crypt (vintagevinyl) on CIUT 89.5
4pm - Happy Pals (jazz) at Grossman'sTavern
6pm – The Cosmotones (rockabilly) at Castro’s Lounge
7pm – Saturday Night Swing: The Hep Cat 6 at Dovercourt House 

9.3p - The Kat Kings (rockabilly) at The Duke
10p - Shake, Rattle andRoll (50s/60s) at Clintons

10p - Shake-A-Tail (50s/60s) at Sneaky Dee's

10p - With It au Go Go (60s/mod/ska/soul/reggae) at The Piston
11p - Ferris Bueller's Day Off (1986) at Rainbow Cinema

SUNDAY, Sept 6th:
6am - Sunday Antique Market at St Lawrence Market
10a - Parkdale Flea at Goodfellas Gallery
11a – Rockabilly Brunch at Cadillac Lounge
1pm - Tea and Tour Sundays at Gibson House
4pm - New Orleans Connection All Stars (big band jazz) at Grossman's Tavern
4pm – Alistair Christl Trio at The Duke Live
9pm - Watch This Sound (rare vintage vinyl) at Castro's Lounge
9pm - Sinful Sundays: God Save The Tease
9pm - Imperial Swing and Blues at Imperial Pub

Every Thursday, 7pm – The Redline Rockabilly Show on 103.7 CFBU
Every Friday, 7pm – Rock n Roll Riot on 97.7 The Beach (Wasaga)
Every Friday, 8pm – TheRockabilly Room on 100.3 CKMS (Kitchener)

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