Monday, October 20, 2014

Vintage Halloween Costume Ideas

Over the years vintage has become a bit of a costume to some, while for others (like some of us) it is a daily mainstay.

At the time of Halloween...we need more than just your average vintage costume idea to stand out against those who may end up dressing up as we would on any other given day or night!  

So, here are a few ideas for your vintage inspired costume. Really - the concepts were endless the idea is to pick some vintage OR make it vintage!

Classic Horror/Hallowe'en Characters:

Carnivale/Circus/Freak Show:

Movie and TV Characters

Disney, Cartoon and Comic Book Characters




Some of these can be done just by adding some special effects makeup to our daily wardrobe...while others require a little more digging into out costume "tickle trucks" (I refer to the Dr Dress Up TV Show - nothing kinky here!).  With a little time and minimal effort we know you can pull off something great!

Up next - our Vintage Halloween Roundup!

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